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Hello! I’m Kevin Zoller, the founder of this site. I grew up in the US, worked in multiple countries and currently reside in Europe. I have spent multiple years working as a geologist and archaeologist and have four degrees between these two fields. I'm deeply passionate about exploring, learning and teaching others and I feel most comfortable on the road checking out new regions of the world. These passions inspired me to create this website where I can provide travelers with a deeper look into some interesting places that I have explored in my free time and, hopefully, inspire them to travel there too. 


You can expect to find a few things. I want to reveal some of the truly spectacular places that I've traveled to and hope to get you interested in traveling to these locations by telling you a little about the history, archaeology, geology and the modern cultures that reside there. That's a lot of things to cover, I know, so my project is a bit ambitious. This website will constantly be a work in progress where I'll try to add new content as frequently as I can. 


Although I have a strict rule: I have to have personally set foot in the area (and Ideally have taken photos) for me to discuss a location. This way I can express my personal feelings about a place. Plus, if I did not follow this rule this site would quickly become a travel encyclopedia, which is beyond the scope of what I'm trying to do here (plus, I think something like that already exists). 

I will eventually add content on this website that goes beyond just travel posts, but for the moment that is the main focus of this site.  


If you have any comments, concerns, advice, etc about what I've included or what you would like to see, please message me! I would love to get your input!  

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